Here is a list of useful resources that my lab has used in the last 5 years. These mainly focus on ways that we can try to improve the quality and transparency of scientific workflows.

Things to read

This selection of journal papers and books provides a brief overview to Open Science and meta-science in general. Together, they motivate why the resources below have become an essential component to my lab’s research.

  • Journal articles
    • False positive psychology: 2011
    • Scientific Utopia: 2012
    • Estimating reproducibility in psychology: 2015
    • A manifesto for reproducible science: 2017
    • Psychology’s Renaissance: 2018
    • Implications for scientific practice: 2018
    • Replicability, Robustness, and Reproducibility in Psychological Science: 2022
  • Books
    • The Seven Deadly Sins of Psychology: 2017
    • Science Fictions: 2021

Data analysis

My lab has been inspired to adopt a Bayesian estimation approach to statistical analysis. The general workflow follows Richard McElreath’s outstanding textbook and the translation into brms and Tidyverse by Solomon Kurz:

Here are a bunch of other links to stats stuff that I’ve found really valuable to read:

  • Kruschke’s Doing Bayesian Data Analysis

  • Kruschke & Liddell. A good primer on the differences between frequentist and Bayesian analyses, as well as hypothesis testing and estimation approaches.

  • Bodo Winter’s book is a great introduction to estimation approaches. It provides great R code for beginners and uses frequentist language, which should be more familiar to most. It is a great place to start and provides a natural platform to thinking about the same estimation approaches in a Bayesian context.

  • brms is a fabulous tool in R for running Bayesian analyses in STAN

  • Gigerenzer’s statistical rituals paper

  • On statistical thinking more generally

  • And why we need to do much more work before we think about running “tests” of hypotheses - Scheel and co.

Reproducible research

  • Version control in R. Renv: link and intro video

  • Version control using GitHub. Matti Vuorre and James P. Curley’s excellent tutorial

Open Science Framework

  • A platform to support open science - OSF and intro video



  • A nice overview on four types of validity by Simine Vazire and co.

  • Why validity matters in experimental work in psychology and the importance of manipulation checks. One and Two

  • A fabulous empirical demonstration on the lack of relevant validity in a very well-cited social perception task - by Wendy Higgins and co. here and here

Making a Quarto website

I followed a whole bunch of posts to start a quarto website. Here are some that I found very helpful indeed.